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Speech Contest

AMENET holds a variety of events throughout the year. It’s a great chance to expand for students to put what they’ve learned to use and also interact with other foreigners as well as our regular staff.





At this event, students of every level, from kindergarten to high school, take to the stage and present in English. Judging is done by foreign members of staff. Individual scores are aggregated and prizes awarded based on overall merit. Subject matter changes based on each categories English level.

Students are graded based on attitude and emotional expression, not just pronunciation and intonation. Students who participate can also review their peer’s efforts as a spectator. Even students who lack confidence or who are just starting out can gain a lot of motivation for learning by just taking part. Parents and guardians who attend are sure to be deeply moved by the results on display, the result of weeks and weeks of hard work and effort in class.

Halloween Party

In 2016, the music group “Ichigo Hime” made a surprise visit during our Halloween party, and were very impressed with our students grasp of English! After all, it’s important to study not only language but the culture behind it. By actually experiencing another culture instead of just reading about it, we can broaden not only our horizons but also ourselves.

About Halloween.

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the 31st of October.

In the west, children dress up as monsters and walk around their neighborhoods, knocking on the doors of nearby houses and saying “trick or treat!”.


「Trick or Treat?」


Adult Events


AMENET holds a Christmas party every year, the details of which change from year to year. Last year, students, parents and teachers took part in a team bowling tournament.

Other Events


Furthermore, we also hold a candlelight service which is quite exciting for students.

Adult Events

Various Adult Events


Finally, students from various classes get together with our members of staff for dinner and light conversation.


It’s a chance for everyone to get to know each other a little better outside the classroom, not just student pupil, but as friends.


We organize various events during Halloween, Christmas and the New Year.


Summer Events


Two of our English teachers also teach students how to make authentic Italian pizza. It was very delicious and the lesson was very interesting. they are very good cooks and great teachers. We hope to have more fun and interesting events and activities every summer and we are looking forward to enjoying these activities and events with our wonderful students.

Amenet Tennis Event

Summer Tennis Open Day

Altough most of us were complete beginners we improved a lot over the course of the day! A fun day for all involved.

Amenet Summer Pizza Party!

Every time something new.


Of course, there are numerous events over summer too!


We hold events that let you experience the beauty of nature and study a foreign culture like camps and barbeques.


It’s a great way to make some lasting memories.

Open the door to a wider world



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