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Enrollment fee: 15,000 yen


Yearly renewal: Free


Monthly fee: 6246 yen


Textbook fee: Between 2000-4000 yen yearly

Since 1985, AMENET has offered English classes taught by native speakers for learners of all levels. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or an experienced speaker looking to further improve, you can rely on AMENET to make your learning fun! Our classes are charged monthly. But first, make sure to try our demo lesson!

Young Learners

An opportunity for toddlers and infants to experience English from an early age. Together with their parents/guardians, children will have a fun time moving and singing as well as learning English from a native speaker by interacting with music and pictures. As infants possess a markedly high ability to learn languages, it's the perfect opportunity for young learners to develop clear and natural pronunciation.

Young Challengers

This class focuses on cultivating an interest and desire to learn English in young children through the use of games and pictures. All classes are taught by native speakers to further improve pronunciation.

Elementary School

These classes are taught by native speakers of English with a focus on engaging students. As well as English conversation classes, we also offer grammar classes which when taken together is a good way to develop balanced reading/writing/listening/speaking skills.

Junior High School

Using their school studies as a base, these classes promote the use of English as a tool for communication. Our grammar and exam preparation classes help students isolate and master areas where they are struggling in the school curriculum, whereas our conversation classes focus on improving student’s ability to express themselves.

Eiken & TOEIC

As well as classes taught by native speakers, AMENET also offers speciality grammar classes taught by Japanese instructors. There are also classes for university students and adult learners attempting the TOEIC exam. We would encourage any student who is either thinking of attempting Eiken or TOEIC or struggling to raise their score to consider taking one of these classes.

High School Students

These classes are aimed at students who are thinking about their university application and career while grappling with English studies. Our classes are designed to help students tackle the English paper for university entrance exams, and for students thinking of studying abroad or going on a exchange we have English conversation classes and presentation classes. We encourage you to select the class that best fits your needs.

AMENET runs numerous classes to suit every student’s timeslot, level and needs. Our EIKEN and TOEIC classes are designed to improve student’s lexicon to pass these difficult exams, while our conversation classes focus on helping you improve your ability to communicate. With a low monthly fee and make up classes that adjust to your schedule, this course is ideal for those looking for marked, continuous improvement in their English ability over a sustained period. Enjoy English conversation with your classmates and gain valuable insights into the job hunting process as well!

University Students

Adult Learners Class

Adult classes are available for groups, pairs or individuals. Every class is tailor made to cater to each student’s individual needs, from complete beginners to advanced learners. Why not sign up for a sample class and see for yourself?

Debate Class

A difficult area for some Japanese, our debate classes will teach you to how express yourself and your opinions confidently and in detail. Learning new ways to express yourself is a great way to stimulate learning.


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